Canterbury's Christmas Dinner
Canterbury's Christmas Dinner MyTownMyCity | Tuesday 27 November

In 2014, Canterbury's Poet Laureate, Lemn Sissay founded an incredible national project to offer young care leavers a magical, bespoke Christmas Day in cities around the UK. In 2017, Canterbury joined in for the first time.
Lemn grew up in care and knew how difficult this time of year is for such young people, who might often spend the day alone. In Canterbury, a group of about 20 care leavers aged between 18 and 25 enjoyed a joyful day celebrating the Christmas season with games, gifts and a sumptuous festive meal in the city.
Planning and organising the day took several months. During this time a group of volunteers oversaw the project by sourcing a venue, a chef, transport and presents. A wish-list for gifts was set up, to allow individuals and businesses to buy gifts for the young people, which would be wrapped and ready for them on Christmas Day.
What made this event special was the attention to detail and passion that all the volunteers, businesses and organisers put into making the day extra special and personal. From gifts like cinema tickets, clothing items and vouchers donated by local businesses, to catering and food preparation; from the choice of venue and decorations, to the taxi service provided to chauffeur them to the door, everything was tailored to the care leavers' preferences and tastes, creating a magical atmosphere. Many of the young people declared it to be the best Christmas Day they'd ever had!
This year Canterbury will once again host the Christmas Dinner. If you'd like to be involved or to donate gifts to this very worthwhile cause, you can find more info by emailing
You can also discover more on the FB and YouTube pages by searching 'Canterbury Christmas Dinner'

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